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Treating TMJ Dysfunction and Bruxism

As a graduate of the Pankey Institute, Dr. Patrick knows the intricacies of TMJ dysfunction and bruxism, both of which are common neuromuscular problems. In most cases, successful treatment of both does not require surgery. In fact, surgery is usually our last alternative. If you suffer from the nagging, sometimes debilitating, symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or with unconscious teeth grinding while you sleep, Dr. Patrick wants to help you find relief. TMJ dysfunction and bruxism can cause:

  1. Headaches and migraines
  2. Pain in the neck, face, and shoulders
  3. Tingling extremities
  4. Earaches
  5. Ringing in the ears
  6. Popping or clicking jaw
  7. Jaw doesn't open and close freely
  8. Tooth wear or bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching)

Sound familiar? Dr. Patrick will assess your condition with a thorough examination of your jaw joints, bite, muscles, and the chewing surfaces of your teeth. He may use bite simulators (articulators), transcranial radiographs and MRI to help determine the problem. Depending upon the specifics of your case, he may recommend oral splints (bite appliance), equilibration (bite balancing) and/or physical therapy to correct your TMJ problems.

If you suffer from these symptoms or have been told that you may have TMJ, call Dr. Patrick today to schedule a convenient appointment in our Athens, GA office.